Client’s Recommendations

Testimonials of some of the clients I worked with in the past


Andreea-Savu Andreea Savu – Project Manager, Astoneco, Irland
Liliana is one of those rare people who can genuinely and thoroughly listen. And when she finally talks, which is usually to clearly summarize what she heard or cleverly ask a question or two, it’s like clouds suddenly vanishing on a stormy day leaving way to a warm and powerful sunshine! And her magic was that somehow along our coaching journey together, I started to manage ‘making the sun shine’ on my own! I am very grateful I had the chance to meet and work with her!
Florina-Badea Florina Badea
Company Owner, Health Connections, Romania Liliana is on my speed dial when it comes to clarify some plans or thoughts. She really changed my professional life many years ago, when I discovered how valuable I was for the organizations I worked and how little a trusted myself. So, that was the moment when the changing process began within myself and I am very grateful today. She is smart, she has clarity and she sees immediately the overview. She conducts you with such questions so you find your answers with no difficulty. She is the best coach ever! I strongly recommand Liliana as a coach and a communications consultant as well, she combines the skills from the two with grace, intelligence and very smooth.
Bogdan-Dumitru Bogdan Dumitru
Lawyer, Independent Law Office, Romania 

What I like most about the coaching sessions with Liliana is the way  I become aware of the opportunities that I have, with the help of the questions she addresses me. In our meetings I never receive advice – that I don’t believe I could take either – but I make my own conclusions. This is a totally different approach, that I had never experienced until working with her. It is highly valuable for me to discover new perspectives, to see solutions where I always used to see problems, before the coaching sessions.

Georgiana-Lupica Georgiana Lupica
Journalist, Forbes, Romania“Regarding my experience with Liliana, I have only beautiful things to say. Besides the fact that she is a devoted coach, who is doing her job in a professional way, she is a warm and a beautiful human being. She is not only doing her job, she is devoted to the people who are working with her.
In what concerns my experience with her, she made me realize some things about myself that I couldn’t have had the chance to see alone. Used to do all by myself and not knowing to ask for help, this experience helped me to get to know me better and to realize that is good to ask for help when is need it. And when I will need it again, I am more than sure that Liliana will be the first person to ask to.”
Adriana-FariPalko Adriana Faripalko 
Client Service Executive, Adslot, AustraliaA few years back, Liliana was my mentor at Image PR, where I was working as PR Assistant. Just a few weeks ago, I started working with Liliana-The-Coach on my personal development and it has been a wonderful journey! I have been working so far on getting more clarity around my career and expressing myself and the results are reflected in my everyday life immediately. I love how Liliana organizes her coaching sessions (very structured and oriented towards getting/seeing results asap). I see in her a very skillful listener, a knowledgeable coach, and a trustworthy person. I highly recommend her as a coach, I highly recommend her as a mentor as well. It’s a pleasure working with her, it’s an inspiring journey to be around her!
Vlad-Andrei Vlad Andrei
Radio Optimization Team Leader , EricssonTelecommunications RomaniaI have met and started working with Liliana Ogun precisely when I was promoted to a people management job. I firmly believe that the coaching sessions with her have helped me to have a better management of my time, to become aware of which were my priorities and how to approach them in order to obtain the targeted results.. Liliana is the professional who made me understand, as a manager, that the people you work with don’t change easily, it’s easier to change yourself and to adapt your communications skills in order to work more efficiently with them.
Casandra-Lungu Casandra Lungu
Actress, SpainI have known Liliana for many years know and ever since I’ve met her she was capable of showing me other ways of seeing things and empowering me to achieve more and believe in myself. Therefore, working with her as a coach was the next logical and obvious step, which has only given me more strength, courage and vision.
Gloria-Sauciuc Gloria Sauciuc
Editor-in-chief, and Cannes Film Festival Correspondent, Romania
I have worked with Liliana Ogun as a coach for a time management issue. I was unable at the time to prioritize, I found myself ineffective despite expending a large amount of effort. At each day’s end I was extremely tired, while the tasks were done partly or below expectations. Liliana had the gift and expertise to provide me with motivation, helping me to find in myself the power and the resources that i believed to have been lost. Since then I’m able to relate to things from new perspective and so to find new solutions and strategies to tackle what was thought to be beyond solution. She is a very experienced and dedicated professional. Each time I worked with her I felt closer to  excellence.
Ana-Stanca Ana Stanca
Marketing Specialist, ProMedica, RomaniaWith great appreciation and warmth I write this recommendation of Liliana as Coach. She is a true professional, results oriented and efficient in everything she set her mind into. She is a sharp thinker, a genuine observer, a great inspiration and a true helper when it comes to achieving your objectives. I worked with her in the past and I will work with her in the future, having the certainty that through her guidance and counseling I will achieving all my objectives, continuously growing as a professional and as human being.