How can coaching support you?

Coaching guides you to develop clarity of where you are and where you want to be; and empowers you to get there.

If I were limited to two words to explain how coaching works, they would be: Coaching guides. Coaching does not teach, it creates a space where you can be and act. Let’s take a few examples as to why this is.

You walk. Can you tell a baby how to walk? You can encourage her, hold her hand once or twice, trust that she will be able to make it, and just let her find her balance and the strength she needs; then one day, off she goes! She will certainly fall a few times, and she will stand up and walk again.

You ride a bicycle. Can you tell anybody how to ride it? Would it help them if you explored with them what it is made of, the physics of its mechanism? You just let them find their balance, without thinking too much about it. Then when they get it, they go fast, and they go trustingly.

In brief, the only way to know swimming is to swim, with all the dangers involved. And once you get the hang of it, well, you are free and the ocean of possibilities is yours!

This is why coaching is an action-oriented method for those who want to reach their personal and professional potential. It is about setting clear, measurable and time-bound objectives and taking action now, in the present, with full personal accountability: what can you do today? What can you do tomorrow?

The leading principle, as illustrated by the examples above, is that you don’t have to know what the ball is made of to score a goal. To score a goal, you need to play, to become aware of what it takes to play well, what you are good at and, finally, take the responsibility to play. This means it it totally up to you to win or lose.

How can coaching support you?