What is coaching?

As with anything, and especially with less traditional professions, coaching can be many things for many people.

To put it simply:

Say you are a swimmer, but you have only experienced swimming in a pool. And you are good at it: you do many lengths with no hassle, your lungs can take it, so can your muscles. Every day. Yet there comes a day when you realise that beyond your pool is an ocean, full of possibilities and also risks.

This ocean is life. And it is in perpetual motion. Are you ready to get up, trust yourself, take control, and surf its waves? And when falling is unavoidable, can you safely let yourself tumble in the waters and live the motion only to rise up again, tall and strong, breathe deeply and ride the next wave?

Coaching supports you to break your patterned way of living, and confidently surf the waves of change in your life. This way, you can reach and enact your personal and professional potential.