What I do

I coach managers who want to increase their performance, or engage their team more effectively; professionals who want to define what they are great at, manage their time better, attract more customers for their business, change their career, build and nurture stronger relationships, to name but a few areas. While each journey has its own challenges, unavoidably, part of my mission is to help them find successful ways to embrace change in their lives and achieve balance.

Change can feel difficult for many of us. To give you a feel for what this means, let’s think of change like a train leaving Station A (the present, familiar place) for Station B (a future, often unknown, destination). Station A is all about our deep-rooted habits: it is familiar to us, and it feels part of who we are there and then. Station A is our patterned way of living, outside our control, often conditioned by our childhood and our culture. Our minds often use these patterns to trap us in a small life. We can be well and truly blocked! And when we seek freedom, fear grabs us: it feels almost like being caught in quicksand: stressful, paralysing, helpless; and the more we fear and struggle to get out, the deeper we are drawn in.

Yet the blockage can be overcome, and freedom can be found.

To visualise this, take a few moments to imagine your ideal Station B: what it would look like, what it would smell like, how it would feel like.

Then imagine you leaving Station A, jumping on the train and driving it all the way to your ideal Station B: what you would do, how you would feel like.

For most of us, jumping on a train and driving it towards the unknown might seem scary or even impossible. Coaching supports you to get through the experience with a proper driving license: aware and responsible. This way, you remain in control of all your life trips – to Station B, C, D and further…

What I do